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@Simcha wrote:

Tried using different bowl or location? Boy can be fussy about where he eats lol as unexpected noise can bother him.

Other than that, as long as he is eating ok otherwise, don’t think it is anything to worry about 🙂

I have no experience in this area as I’ve always adopted mature dogs who had already been spayed / neutered 🙂

That bowl has been all over the house now lol. He is a bit fuzzy about his lips/mouth getting food on em but thats impossible to do anything about. We have tried 2 different dog bowls, a few flag normal plates and the floor 😛 He isnt eating anything else cause im not giving him anything else. I dont want him spoiled and never returning to his food, alltho eating raw chicken nothing should be better then that. He rather have a sandwich with leverpatee atm wich i refuse to give him. Eat the food ur given or no food is my policy.