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Game Name: NoeNoa LightMoon, a.k.a Wyfe
Real Name: Noél and I too lack imagination so my first character in UO in 1999 was NoaNoa, and has been my main in every game since!
Location: Manchester, England
Games played: Ultima Online, Star War Galaxies, EQ2, Darkfall and now SWToR
Occupation: System Analyst and SQL Developer
Unusual fact about me: I met my husband, Makk Jagan in 1999 playing Ultima Online through my son and sister who were playing at the time. We have gamed together since, marrying in August 2007.

Here is a picture Makk took of me when we were dating, fall of 2006.

Hobbies include: Gaming, cooking & baking, sewing and playing poker.

And finding time to take walks with our dog Ralphie