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Game Name (Main) : Equ-something usually,
Real Name : Renaud
Location : Paris
Games played : Most games there was to play in the 90s while I was a teenager, eventually moved to online games when Internet became available to me (at Uni) starting with MUDs, then played Unreal Tournament, DAoC, WoW, LotRO, mainly with a few other games played more casually here and there.
Occupation : Software Engineer
Unusual Fact about yourself: I was deaf at age 4, can hear perfectly now! Thanks science !

Not super fond of having pictures of me taken, and I typically don’t keep any, so couldn’t find something truly recent other than some from my winter ski holidays last month:


Here’s a somewhat older one (2-3 years) I posted on the “other forum”:

(and no she ain’t my daughter, was visiting friends)