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Hi Tera!
I assume you want us to reply here then 🙂

Game Name: Miss – something, all my characters start with Miss:)
Real Name: Tine, alot of english people have some trouble prenouncing it so just call me Missy.
Location: Norway, Hedmark
Games played:WoW,Aion, AoC, Warhammer,TSW hmm ok ive played most themepark mmo’s there is. Atleast all the sub once.
Games I play now: Rift, FFXIV and on rare occasions SWToR and EOS
Occupation: House”wife”, okok im unemployed.
Unnusual fact about me: sucked my thumb till I was like 10.

Beer, who does not like beer.

No Tera, I have no imagination, so I have to play games, and copy from you.