Hey Kal

Sorry to hear of your predicament – as Makk said, it seems you have been hit with several uncertainties and unpleasantries at once, and that is always a tough situation. If there’s any doubt still, you should know we are all here for you if you need us for anything (take your mind off of things, with unexplained and clearly over the top in game violence, or extreme incompetence in say, avoiding holes in bridges!).

Also good to hear that things are moving (pun not intended) in the right direction. Fingers crossed for your mom and her job situation (think several of us here knows how it is with either greas dissatisfaction in your current job, or the uncertainty of being between jobs or on short term contracts). Moving is exciting and exhausting. I hope yours goes as smoothly as these things can go – and that you get a nice new place, with über interwebs (because that is of course THE most important feature!!!) 😛

Take care and stay strong.