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*dies* 😀 love your app! You are more than welcome you will be perfect 😛

@ravensrod wrote:

1. Rift. Main character Esmarilda, lvl25 mage. Different gender from rl but couldn’t stand the thought of a gandalf character, I get to see that face every time I look in a mirror.

2. After reading through 4 pages in the rift guild forum this was the first group post I could actually understand most of what was said. Hoping you’re as freindly as you appear.

3. Space invaders, asteroids, manic miner, jet set willy, pac man, Doom, Doom2, dukenukem, WoW (gave up on it as after 2 months as the only conversations with other players consisted of “no I don’t want to join your guild/ fight a duel/ give you money”). Fairly new to MMOs but willing to learn.

4. I’m not old, I’ve just been around a long time. I refuse to act my age as most people my age are miserable old gits. I don’t expect younger people to respect me just cos I remember to keep breathing. In rl former biker, historical re-enactor, larper. Now reached the age where I don’t have to work and have time to practice new skills. More concerned with having fun than levelling up or achieving anything.

5. As a teenager I lived through Beatlemania, I saw the first moon landing live on tv, I watched Pink Floyd the first time they did a free concert in hyde park. I don’t bother reading history books anymore, I just remember stuff.