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I’m under the impression that at the moment the artifacts are travelling in the circle quite randomly, so I’d like to clarify a couple of things :).

* If you wish to contribute artifacts, send to the person at the top of the above list; currently Aigafeda. They will then move the artifacts down the line.

1) When you find artifacts you want to be circled, always send them to Aigafeda, not to anybody else. I will forward them to Jaedia, always stating who they originally are from, e.g. “Skip Tina”, which means that Jae will forward them to Sim, and hopefully with the same notification, “Skip Tina”. Sim should then realize that the next person to receive the artifacts is Yarissa, not Tinawie.

2) When I go artifact hunting myself and circle the (often bountiful) remains, I mail them to Jae saying something like “Forward, please” and Jae knows she doesn’t need to skip anyone and will hopefully copy the message title or use something similar.

* If you receive artifacts from someone on the list, send them on to the name below yours on the list.

See above :). If the message title says “Skip Someone”, skip that someone or copy the title to the next one on the chain. If there are no instructions of skipping a person, just forward them normally.

* If you are the last person and already know the artifacts, well, send back to Aigafeda, who will auction or ribbon them.

Right now the guild funds are in good shape, so I just ribbon them and put in the guild bank, please don’t be shy to withdraw them.

* If you want your artifacts to be ribboned, send them to Aigafeda, and title the message clearly, like “Ribbon, please”.

If you have any questions, poke me in game :).