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Never understood what u r up to here 😳

Us artifact fiends sometimes like to pass on artifacts to other peeps who might need them before we sell or ribbon them, but back in White Wolves it was starting to litter guild chat and the guild vault so Fitzy set this up. The idea is, the more collections we have, the higher on the list we are because those at the top, in theory, need less shinies, so any artifacts we want to pass on (in the past with links in guild chat of “does anybody need…”) go to the top of the chain, where Ani will take any she might need, then pass down the chain. There’ll be a note telling you who to skip, if anybody, so that the person who put the artifacts in doesn’t get them again, and you just take what you need, and pass along what you don’t. At the end of the chain, I believe the leftovers get ribboned and those ribbons get popped in the guild vault for the Dreamweavers. 🙂

Hope that helps!

Jaedia’s post is a tiny little bit more constructive than mine 😕