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I was not a big fan of DA2 either, but at least it had Varric and some other cool characters. My favs were Fenris (unsuprisingly) and Aveline.

After the hole that the ending of Mass Effect trilogy left I’m very much looking forward to the DAI to get the BioWare fix!

What kind of character are you guys going to make for the 3rd one? I had a Human Noble Warrior in Origins, and a Mage in the 2nd, both female (of course) :P.

I might do an elven rogue as it’s the only class I haven’t played in Dragon Age games. Though on the other hand, it’s always cool to roll as a warrior tank — nothing beats leading your party to battle with bulky armor and a big shield (at least in single player games.. In mmo’s I don’t enjoy the responsibility that much)