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I like the cards (they sound like a lot of work went into them) and the lockpicking tools but I do agree with you. They’ll just end up collecting dust somewhere.

I also loved DAII. I admit there were a lot of flaws with it, especially when it is compared to DAO but the characters were awesome (Varric, Fenris and Hawke) and the voice acting was great. I always went with the sense of humour Hawke and Varric nicknamed her Chuckles which I thought was hilarious. The random conversations between companions are always good and the DLC was also done well. Just wish the game was longer and that they had released more DLC.

Fun fact time: the voice of Female Hawke is also the voice of the female Imperial Agent and the voice of Varric (Brian Bloom) also voices another class – male Trooper or Jedi Consular, I think.

I am so excited that Varric will be back in DAI.