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We had formed couple of groups for dungeon runs recently only to fail to enter dungeon simply because nobody in the group could queue as support. You are not expected to play as support if queued as support, it is just the mechanics of dungeon finder; that t least one member of the group must be able to queue as support.

Actully thats not entirely true if you have a rookie healer with limited or zero experience and not much gear he would have a hard time to keep people up the less gear the group has the more you kind want a bard etc to boost the party, its just experienced groups that runs with no support becuse they just outdps everything.

But yes from the point of view of saving time dont run with a support but then you need about 24k group dps to have a smooth run 🙂

I am not talking about the need of support, I am talking about queuing in the first place. The dungeon finder will not let a group enter a dungeon if nobody can tick the required support box.

Support are great for new healer etc yes i agree, and I have found them valuable.

My point was about the queue itself.