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Excellent post thank you Mal.

May I add a suggestion, could the dps players add a support soul if you have a slot free please (if you are able to have support soul of course 🙂 )?

We had formed couple of groups for dungeon runs recently only to fail to enter dungeon simply because nobody in the group could queue as support. You are not expected to play as support if queued as support, it is just the mechanics of dungeon finder; that t least one member of the group must be able to queue as support.

I used to be able to queue for all roles when I had Warden as my healing soul when I first started healing. I accidentally wiped that soul and took the opportunity to try a different healing soul, and suddenly I couldn’t queue as support!

This provided a lot of frustration for the group I was in at the time, luckily, this was a low level dungeon run so I switched to my bard.

I have since added a support soul (Warden) and, hey bingo, I can queue as support again lol even though my Support is not set up for playing.

So, from experience, it would be hugely helpful if more of us could have a defunct support role just to make queuing easier thus making up a group easier too 🙂