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Actually, when I think of it.. yes you’re right, GF used keyboard Rad. I guess by point and click I meant it’s a puzzle/adventure game.
And whilst you were able to move around with manny with keyboard, the camera and background stay the same. So like in point and clicks, the “backrgound” is still.
You don’t use the keyboard for really fighting anything, just walking around and picking up / using objects.

If I remember correctly, it’s been a while..
The second year was my fav. Glottis is teh best 😀

And yes Jae, lots of eye-candy! For eye-candy I also recommend Trine and Trine 2. I’m playing Trine 2 with 3D glasses on with hubby and
we’ll probably never finish the game because we just stand there stare at the environments 😀