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Mal my point is, first of all this is the way Loots are handled in T1 and + raids.
These are 10 men raids and sometimes when we are doing and planning a raid something can come up to someone and we need a replacement, well in these cases we need to take, aka LFM someone who is not in guild, and who joins can and most likely is a used to it raider. This person can be from any shard and trade will not work in this case.
The way things are handled in these raids has to be in a determined way, and very clear way.

When we progress to T2, you cannot expect we can have 20 members online who can be committed as many hours it can take.
So the best way is to get used to the ways these are generally done, and believe me the Loot is always something what need to be very very clear.

Every person who joins need to commit to a raid what can last 1h-3/4 h when done first time, so if you know you have to go offline after 30 min do not join, you will leave all others in trouble since with the Dps what we will do, it’s no way we will manage to do it with less than 10.
It’s not easy to get replacement in these raids.
When signing up, we need to know the classes and specs of each and everyone.
I can’t see either an OT Off-Tank in the list, nor can I see who will Tank heal, and who aoe heal?
These are the most important things when we do this.
There is 1 boss we will do in TotDQ where the ideal is 2 OT’s & MT.
So that has to be cleared first and make the list with classes, and who will be doing what.

I am sure we will have fun, and we will enjoy and hate it 😀

OH btw when I wrote stones I meant those what you get from PA. Every R60 should have some already to use.
Be sure you have also full Health so go to mender before starting, and also when you put stones, you can go and get full Charges for example in Pelladine, Mazamar, there is Planar Charges right beside portal.

The better vials you use, the better dps and power we will have. Vials usually lasts thru death.
I can take care of Feast as I told earlier. 🙂 Feast lasts through dead, it will not power your HP up so for that take DRINKS, if you Eat something it will NOT stack with feast, drinks is ok. So get some Torvan or other what will heal you if needed after a death. Also be sure to re-buff after death.