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OK – I have a proposal…

I understand the issue with time fully but there is not much I can do about it at the moment unless someone can come to me with any ideas as I have none except the following.

Speaking with a good friend of mine via the excellent invention called texting I was reminded that we took down the first Boss quite easily with 9 players.

By easily I mean we brought it down quite quickly, no deaths and minimal stress on healing considering a strong healer was having power issues at the time.

Therefore, would you like to zone in to IDH as 8 men as early as we can Friday and give that a go?

I think it would be ok on the first Boss, and a bit more challenging on the 2nd but doable with the right fire power.

Until such time as we level more members, gear them up and recruit more, this is the best I can come up with but there are players that could sign up if they are not busy and as I said I will give them a poke tonight or one of you guys can for me.

As the evening moves on maybe more will log and fill the spaces for the third and possibly 4th Boss.

What say thee?