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Even players who’s done this long time, and who does T1-T2 and T3 raids, doesn’t even do it with less than 10, if 1 drops off, no one is continuing until the 10th is replaced.
Without experience would be foolish to do it with less than 10.
Of course unless you are meaning the normal version of it.
I have IDH and TotDQ done as I need it to get better gear, and I need the marks to upgrade what I already have on my rogue.

If you are thinking of other event to do, I haven’t done the normal versions of these at all, none, zero lol
So I have no clue at all of lower raids. Would love to do some tho, and as well with Aqua, shes not up geared, and I’m a fuzz and very insecure to play with cleric anything else that the daily insta adventures, some wf’s, lately not even that since I die very easily, I am lvl 59 and am set with ppl who are top geared, so I am loosing out in that.

I had a hard and very busy day yesterday, and I had an ache in my wrist that make me grin with funny faces when I was playing later on.

Today I have not been ingame yet, I have been cleaning the house and I’m trying to do some “carpenter” work in my bathroom lol. All my hallway is filled with stuff from my bathroom, but I need to do it with pauses since it’s tiring out my wrist. 😥

So I really want to know what is planned and if I possibly could make part of it? Just not those 10 men raids.