Super good that you got this rolling.

I have basically one general comment:
You are correct modable gear is the way to go – but the mods you put in (Hilts, Barrels, Armor, Enhancements & Mods) are most easily obtained from guildies. Between us we can always make the “best in slot”. Basically you can update a specific slot effectively every 2 levels (so level 21 and again level 23 etc.).

Create a “request” thread in this part of the forums, if none of those online can make what you need, and it will be made for you.

For an overview see here: http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=90796 & http://crewskills.net/guides-and-ove…wtor-mods-101/

    Mods are crafted by Cybertech, and go into the Mod slot of custom gear. Early mods give a primary stat plus Endurance; more advanced/higher-level mods also give a secondary stat. Examples: Reflex Mod 2, Advanced Agile Mod 25.

    Enhancements are crafted by Artifice, and go into the Enhancement slot of custom gear. Enhancements give Endurance and one or more secondary stats. Examples: Fervor Enhancement 6, Advanced Acute Enhancement 25.

    Crystals are crafted by Artifice, and can be added to weapons only. They give Endurance, Critical Rating or Power. Examples: Yellow Sharp Crystal, Advanced Cyan Eviscerating Crystal.

    Armoring is crafted by Cybertech, and can only be added to armor, not weapons. (Which is logical.) Armoring gives Endurance and a primary stat; some Armorings also give Expertise, which is a PvP stat. Examples: Reflex Armoring 3, Advanced Commando Armoring 25. Note that the Armoring mod also dictates the overall Item Rating of the armor, from which it gets its Armor value.

    Barrels are crafted by Armstech, and can only be added to blaster weapons: blaster pistols, blaster rifles, assault cannons, and sniper rifles. They give Endurance and a primary stat – and as with Armoring for armor pieces, the Barrel dictates the overall Item Rating of the weapon, from which it gets its damage range/DPS value. Examples: Skill Barrel 2, Advanced Commando Barrel 25.

    Hilts are crafted by Artifice, and are the Force-users version of Barrels. They can only be added to lightsabers (both single- and double-bladed). They give Endurance and a primary stat, and also dictate the weapon’s Item Rating and thus damage range/DPS value. Examples: Resolve Hilt 1, Advanced Force Wielder Hilt 25.