its actually far better to have all alts in. i dont fancy adding every ones names to my friends list on each char lol

this way we can see who is online. Every member more or less should or will have a member description added like all mine say “alt of quickblast” etc.

It would be a fine idea if they ever introduce shared friends list amongst your chars which i dont see them doing anytime soon, shame really since i do alot of pvp with pugs i know well on each char.

I will be online a fair bit saturday from afternoon time for quite a while. I will be doing alot of swapping and changing though as i need to get all my daily and weekly ground and space pvp quests completed ready for next week when we get update 2.8.

Little tip for those of you that do like space pvp – when you complete your daily / weekly DONT click mon your rewards that go into your inventory. Save them for next week. They dont disappear and you can hold as many of them as you want. I currently have around 15 daily rewards on a char, then on tuesday when the new ship is released, open or convert enough to unlock the new ship, then you open all your daily rewards and this allocated req’s will also be granted to your brand new ship you just unlocked 🙂 now you know why it quite often takes me 2-4 days to master a new ship.