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For group / raid frames I use Mere Healing Frames, you can customize pretty much anything but it does take a little bit more effort to get the hang of than Click Box Healer:

Can set it up to track loads of buffs (15+ icon slots) and multiple in any given icon slot – so it’s great for defiler links as they’ll all appear in the same place on each player bar.
Can track cleansable debuffs and show the debuff icon on in an icon slot on the player bar.
Can set up multiple frames sorted by role, so the tank(s) can have their own frame for ease of healing
Can also link spells to mousebuttons – my single target cleanse is linked to my right mouse button but as I’ve got a razer naga I tend not to use this function.

Sadly like most addons it’s not being improved on.

For ease of use I’d suggest Click Box Healer however.

Now what other addons do I use?
In order of importance to ME, I don’t use gadgets so it’s not that important, but I do accept that it is one of the most useful addons in Rift.

Cursor = provides a colour trail behind your cursor to help keep track of it when the screen is busy. Used this since I started playing Rift and it’s worked perfectly always. Very useful on my small screen.

King Boss Mods = unless you want to learn everything yourself this addon is essential for dungeon / raid assistance. I like to let others work out a strategy and tell me what to do.

Karuulalert = buff / ability / stuff tracker that can pop up icons wherever you want on your screen if something is active or missing, along with timers plus with a bit of work stack size.

Roles = a drop down menu for changing roles, can link saved equipment sets to the roles – for me a left click selection gives my PvE set with appropriate focus, a right click gives my PvP set

KTE2 = tracks other players (and mobs) active buffs / spells to give an approximate guide to their soul setup, great in PvP for spotting healers without having to think about it

Gadgets = amazing group / raid window plus multiple other utilities. If portraits could be implimented I’d use it and ditch the default, I just find it quicker to recognize a portrait than having to read a mobs name.

Redar or Resource Tracker = find them resource nodes without having to look at the minimap.

SimpleMeter = Basic dps / hps parse