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I am rubbish at this sort of graphical stuff, as most of us are. We can tell you what we like and don’t like but leave it to us and it would be a stick man with a sun rising over from behind a mountain in the background.

The mist you have placed behind the logo gives it a mystical quality I like, and that hint of light peering up give the dawn effect without the cliché dawn part. I love it.

I am not sure I want a dark themed website sight though cause when I troll other gaming forums seems all the Youngsters have dark themes, it feel young. Of course we need to attract the younger crowd to keep the community alive as us 46 year old ladies would perish without the protection of youth in the games. So that is just my thoughts, leave it as it is – or completely change it. The point it the work is amazing and in awe a bit of how people do this sort of creative thing.