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I have mixed feelings about this, the trailer is amazing and wow’ed everyone when they first showed it, going straight from the trailer into the game, without the graphics changing literally stunned everyone in the room, was brilliant to watch.

However releasing a partially made game (About an hours worth of game play) to use the money to develop the game, could have been handled better.

I think if they had said in the trailer, purchase the ‘Alpha’ now and help us develop the game further for a full release on x date, then it would have gotten more positive reception and less bitter taste in mouth, as a lot of people bought the game thinking it was the finished product, just read the amazon reviews etc.

That being said, it is a great game, thoroughly enjoyed the hours worth of game play, graphics we’re superb on Xbox One, mechanics and approach to the missions are top notch, have high hopes for it’s final release 🙂