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Found this podcast, not listened to all and seems random on releases but whilst the latest is not full of info I liked what I heard.

There is PvP stuff going on BUT, this is how I see it. If we are a small Guild the game allows you to form alliances, it’s part of the game. So if you want to do Trade runs there will be people to look after you, which I like the idea of.

However, listening to the people on the podcast it did not sound like they were in big groups anyways. Still want to hear more though.

Also I think you can avoid most of the PvP stuff as well.

Anyway the podcast is called The Archeage Report.

I too want to see more about EQNext but hope SoE don’t cock up the F2P model and have to many restrictions. Trions model in Rift is the best I’ve seen so far.