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For the peeps interested, information on Guild Wars 2. 🙂
Sadly can’t find a trial or a way for me to offer trials currently but here’s a bit of information in the meantime!

    And if you like videos, here’s a pretty good review of Guild Wars 2 from “Angry Joe” (warning: he swears, and it’s long, but he nails it): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ax-_06Acj8Y (sorry I can’t see a transcript for this one)

One thing I should mention. If you vastly prefer tanks/healers, you’ll probably hate it. They’ve done away with the “holy trinity” and a lot of combat can feel a little zergy but if you like the idea of having to dodge in an out of things while you pew things down, you might enjoy it! But Rangers are more melee than ranged, fyi. Mesmer/Elementalist are best for ranged dps peeps.
And for those who like video game music? This game has my favourite soundtrack, composed by one Jeremy Soule of Elder Scrolls fame. It’s gorgeous.
And the personal story etc. is fully subtitled. 🙂
AND bear in mind that some of the above guides are a little outdated now, there have been a few improvements since these went out, most notably the feature pack that went live a week ago! But that’s something I’ll go on about another time. There’s so much I love about this game I could go on for aaaages.