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Someone needs to invite you, next time your on shout in the mini chat on here and no doubt Makk, Artu etc will pick you up 🙂

Jolly good! 🙂

Hey Sim – good to have you here, and no rush regarding the levelling. First time through I took my sweet time and I LOVED it. The story is one of SW:ToR greatest strengths I feel (besides being a fun game!), and the 100% voice-acting will leave you wanting when in other MMOs.

If you have not already been picked up, I will be on a couple of hours and can let you in 🙂

Thanks! Not online right now so no rush!

I’ve just found the captions option for the erm.. what’s it called… cutscene? so yay!

And what do you mean about voice-acting will leave me wanting? Going to assume you mean that NPC talks as I see from the first cutscreen the toons seemed to be talking…

No good to me as I’m Deaf yay :p