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@Davhek wrote:

Personally i do not like it as an idea and i do not want to make it “official”, like setting a combined raid day and have people joining them. I too believe that some of our members will feel pressured in showing up on certain times for raiding, me included and i don’t think its where we are at at the moment. I would rather start scheduling raids in a guild environment , since we are in a place where we can get 10 people online at nights, especially weekends. Rather start with that and see where we go.
Unofficially i do not have a problem if some of our guildies want to jump over and give them a hand, that is up to them to decide.

EEEWWW gonna have to wash my mouth out after this….

I have to agree with Dav, I held back on my answer as I wanted to think about it a bit longer, as I have a tendency to say yes out of excitement lol.

We are growing again and I will be defiantly be arranging some T1 10mans [Think there is 2]. Also Denyus was talking about it in GC the other day. I need to get my hit over 400 as well and so do a few others then we are good to go, will make a separate thread for it though.

I too have no problems if people sound interested as its so much better than a PUG.

When I raided with them they were no different to us in how things were done, probably only difference was a bit more swearing. We use to start late sometimes and peeps did have to log off halfway through raid although that was rare. I also think they cannot be too fussy when bringing other people in.

However that was then, I know some of the Raiders I raided with are in other games so it does not mean it will be the same now.

I will wait to see what others say as well.

I will continue to do Events on Sun, Tue and Fri although I wont always make all 3 days. This was just an option to do something Mon and Wed.

I was approached but its not just for me to answer.

Thanks for feedback 🙂