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I’ve rarely been able to meet start times for raids, at least since the carefree days of EQ1 when I didn’t have the commitments I do now, so I’m used to sitting out watching achievement spam. The few late raiding guilds I’ve kept an eye on over the years haven’t lasted long, people seem to want to raid early.

I’m happy to go with whatever the majority feels appropriate, if it needs to be earlier than I can manage then so be it, I’ll fill in a slot if people need to drop out during the evening.
We do definitely need to be ready to go immediately when the start time arrives, especially if it is 8 UK to be fair to the players on other time zones, no sitting around waiting for any reason, but people are likely to be late for a multitude of real life reasons. If we’ve enough players ready then we’ll have to make the decision to go with who’s online at the right time, probably the start time should be 15+ minutes before the raid start to allow for decisions to be made.
This will penalize me, but that’s life, so long as I get to see some of these zones and learn the strats I’ll be happy.

This won’t take long for us to get used to, last night was a fair bit of faffing, but it was our first go as a Rift team and with Armi’s power issues as well it wasn’t a smooth night. Everyone was in very good spirits and it was a good natured evening, which is how I want things to remain.