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Bit slack with this, I have 375 in everything except fishing / survivalist and dreamweaving,

Plenty of epic recipies but not bothered with the relic as personally I’m not going to see any of the materials needed without blowing serious platinum, which I never seem to have.

END / WIS / INT / DEX / WIS & SP / INT & SP / DEX & AP / more [COSTS 30-50 plat for materials]

+70 END / WIS / INT / DEX / STR /more (with augment this becomes +84 or +80 AND spell / attack power) [COSTS negligible, PLUS Augment]

DPS Rogue / DPS Mage / Tank Warrior / more (add augment) [COSTS negligible, PLUS Augment]

DPS Rogue / more [COSTS negligible, PLUS Augment]

Stellar Healing / Stellar Mana [COSTS a few foraged materials]

Oh, and Armihaus can craft most stuff and has way more higher tier recipes, so hassle him and let me slack :mrgreen: