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Experts are not something I want to do on a daily basis. I am not online that often anymore and I do like lowbies and normal dungeons too so if they are running, I will prefer them to experts.

So, the occasional guild dungeons runs had suited me just fine.

Not fussy what time, I will be online whenever I am online :p

Nor do I want to pug too often. I don’t mind having one pug, however, I will only want to be dps in Expert then. I play to have fun, I have had enough of horrible pugs from WoW so I refuse to force myself to accept them as I don’t need to be demoralised. So, I will leave the group if we get nasty pug.

I would prefer to be reserve if I am online and in the mood rather than sign up for it and feel obligated to turn up when not in the mood. Nor do I want to be obligated to do the all of runs if I am the only tank/healer available at the time.

Simcha – Cleric
Tank – Jusictor
Damage – Inquisitor (ranged)
Healer – Sentinel

I can also queue as Support (Warden)though the bars are not set up for that as I have never needed to use it as I have some healing spells with dps role anyway.