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@Simcha wrote:

the occasional guild dungeons runs had suited me just fine.

Not fussy what time, I will be online whenever I am online :p

I would prefer to be reserve if I am online and in the mood rather than sign up for it and feel obligated to turn up when not in the mood. Nor do I want to be obligated to do the all of runs if I am the only tank/healer available at the time.

This. 🙂 I strictly play on a casual basis and especially now I’m focused on WildStar I won’t be online regularly at all. HOWEVER, if I do happen to be on, and somewhat in the mood, I’d be happy to tag along.
I can DPS, support, or heal, though I much prefer DPS. Healing can make me incredibly stressy and I’m not 100% on my support role. 🙂