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Don’t worry these are not done for to sign up and be obligated to run and to run all dung, no way lol
That is too stressful for anyone.
There are daily 7x Dungeons what you can run and get the Reward what is there, but it doesn’t mean we will run all 7.
Entirely free join-up when you are online, and if we don’t have the 5 within guild np to run with outsiders and queue.

I just wanted to know the approximated time when ppl are online and could do it, and I mean like anytime.

No sign up’s just if online and we do it, also no need to do in a spec you don’t feel comfy in.
I want us to have fun and gather some gear if possible for members in guild who is in need to upgrade 😀

So just free spirit, join if you feel like it, and I do need myself some learning in some ofem since I been a dps always and followed the stream so to say XD