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Engines – Barrel Roll (set to increased speed) this is great for missile avoidance but also for getting to objectives quickly

Armor – Lightweight armor (increases evasion) / if im using shield feedback I use deflection which I find works well against other gunships.

Magazine – I have power pool extender but either is fine on this item

Reactor – Large Reactor

Sensors – Dampening Sensors (this is a must for gunships makes it harder for them to spot/find you after u shoot.


Prioritise upgrades this order to get you to a decent standard quickly

3x times into slug gun (total 7500 requisition)
unlock sensor dampening (1500 reqs)
2x times upgrade sensor dampening (3500 reqs)
1x times into barrel roll (reduces cost to use 1000reqs)
1x more time into sensor dampening (2500 reqs) now maxed

now upgrade whatever order u want, I recommend sorting shields and armor next. (do these two at same time though as both increase evasion and 1 without other makes u a little vulnerable lol


Co-Pilot Blizz – hydro spanner repairs hull

Offensive – Kayliyo secondary weapon reload times and larger firing arc

Tactical – Treek – increases sensor dampening and sight radius

Defensive – Writch Hurley – improves shield regen and more power for shield

Engineering – Blizz (increases engine power and makes abilities cheaper) main ability needed “hydro spanner” this repairs hull if set to co-pilot


As you leave ready area get F3 pressed for engines, then hit 3 for barrel roll and keep on space bar for boost to get to objectives quickly and moving from shooting spot to another.

Once you done a few kills GET YA ASS MOVING they will come for you out of spite lol

If a lock-on starts get moving round asteroids etc to get rid of it, fails use 3 or 2 to get rid of missile