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This class don’t expect to get anywhere fast, engines don’t last long, but it will take a lot to destroy you. Your better for either defending or drop ya tools and get somewhere safe. This particular bomber can be built to be quite supportive to the group or range offensive.

Bomber – M-7 Razorwire (2500 fleet req’s to unlock)

Primary Weapon – Heavy Laser Cannon (6300 range)

Secondary Weapon – Seeker mines (2 can be deployed)

Systems – Concussion Mine (2 can be deployed)

Shields – Overcharged shield

Engines – Hyperspace Beacon (another point to revive at)

Armor – Deflection Armor

Magazine – Regeneration Extender

Reactor – Large Reactor

Sensors – Dampening Sensors

The two bombers are very similar but main differences are the legion is drone carrier with repair drone also, the razorwire is more a mine layer with a hyperspace beacon.