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Strike Fighter – FT-6 Pike (republic) / F-T2 Quell (empire)

Primary Weapons – Quad Laser Cannon (5750 range)
Secondary Weapon – Cluster Missiles (5500 range)
Secondary Weapon – Concussion Missiles (7000 range)
Shields – Quick charge shield
Engines – Barrel Roll
Armor – Deflection Armor
Capacitor – Frequency (range better if new to fighter)
Magazine – Regeneration Extender
Thrusters – Speed Thrusters

Reason for barrel roll, speed thrusters, range sensors is for taking gunships out, faster u can get to them better ya chance as a fighter to rip them apart.

Another set up I use for secondary weapons is Concussion with Emp missiles, EMP ones great for taking mines, disabling drones etc and the concussion missile hits hard.

Quickcharge shields works well for when a gunship hits u with the ion railgun that’s when u hit quick charge shield and hes swapped to slug railgun gives u that extra seconds to finish him off.