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* W,S,A,D for throttle forward/backwards left and right.

* You have three gages that represent priority energy to Weapons/Shields/Engines (left to right on your screen)
These you can alter by using the F1-F3 keys, F4 resets them to standard. Good example of these is when your rushing to cap use F3 for engine priority and when you get there use F2 for your shields or when your on the attack use F1 for weapon energy pool increase.

* Space Bar is for your engine boost to speed – uses engine power quickly for more extreme short term speed burst.

* keys 1-4 represent your abilities – example 4 might be hull repair, its cool down abilities that can turn the tide of a battle. These abilities are also changeable depending on which engine/shield/co-pilot you have chosen.

Scout has no weapon changes needed. left click for blasters (make sure the little fireing circle is on the enemy and turned red, right mouse click for rockets or hold for lock on for missiles once zeroed in release and fire.

Strike Fighter – key 1 is for swapping between your two different primary blaster weapons. mouse buttons same as scout.

Gunship – left mouse for blasters, right click once for snipe mode, right click again and hold to charge your railgun and release to fire, longer you hold the charge the more damage it does but also consumes lots of energy. Key 1 is for swapping between your two secondary weapons both railguns. good combo is ion railgun take there shields then swap to slug for a quick finish off.

Will update with more later.

My Gunship Build:

Primary Weapon – Burst Laser Cannon (higher dps blaster)

Secondary Weapon 1 – Slug Rail Gun (your big hitter) set with: improved accuracy + damage

Secondary Weapon 2 (shield drainer) set with arc to 3 enemies + slow target by 40%

Shields – distortion (only take if taking light armour as well) set to disable a lock-on means you have two missile avoidance tools !! (increases evasion) / I also use shield feedback a lot recently.