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Well we are so glad to hear it was just the internet that kept you away. And your request for us to make more progress was well received and supported by many of the guys who felt ths same way. AND more good news. I ran into an a Tank whom was with us when we were still The Whitewolves, Kel-Tar. Whom is level 55 all geared up who was more than happy to step in last night and take your usual tanking spot!..

We also recruited 4 tanks yesterday who will need support gearing, but show real promise. So we will be ready for 16 man stuff which we can plough through once we get the balance of healers! And in the meantime maybe we can start to groups each week, a SM and a HM group!

We took in some great players this weekend, 2 level 55 tanks, and two up and coming and a new sentinel. So exciting stuff.

OHH and Jay’farb proved to be a natural born killer on his/her first set of PvP GFS matchees!