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Thanks Artucrus 🙂

I’m just a simple man trying to make my way through the pvp universe, patiently waiting for more folks willing to do it and gear/lvl up.
Going to give my official vote to do this on Emp side as I already got my 50 jugger for our 4 man team as tank. Played as one with
her when leveing up, got some gear already there (def/shield/absorb/end gear etc) and remembering it was a blast.

Also as a side note, since I know I won’t expect or demand having premade pvp teams everytime I login, I will play some “solo friendly
dps class” for pug pvp matches like unranked WZ’s and already have a 31 sniper there as well. Do have in mind to make myself a BH/pt
if I wouldn’t choose that sniper for my solo needs and when not enough folks are online for those premades.

Name on my jugger tank is Xinora btw if you guys are willing to do this pvp with me on that side, and you/we can do more pve content
on Rep side? Just a suggestion tho but know you know my vote 😀