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@Quickblast wrote:

I prefer to play rep side since all my time was empire based and i want to give some pay back soon to certain few pvpers i know that play empire side 🙂

I feel the same way but other way around. Since I’m the new guy here and haven’t heared from anyone from our guild on emp side I fear
most folks here wanna play rep side. So before I “waste” credits, time and effort on my BH I might consider stop playing her right now but
it’s my gameplay/time as well 🙂

@Quickblast wrote:

ideally the best situration to eventually get into later on is we all have 2-4 chars at 55 all with a basic pvp gear set so we can swap and change
when needed and give people brakes from certain roles when needed that way no one in the teams gets burnt out as a healer, tank etc.

Couldn’t have said it better myself, well put. However, since I did lvl up my jugger and seen it in action myself I must say hands down it’s
the best tank ingame and I understand why many say it’s nr1 for pvp. From own ingame experience that is, not just what they say on all
these forums and guides. So IF we do get a solid strong 4 man team I don’t see why I should not play jugger tank when we need a solid
one for it 😛

So my vote stands. I will be playing emp side, atleast for now. To all who are reading this I don’t mean any offence to anyone here but
this is now the 3rd 400+ish member “pvp guild” I’ve joined since I came back and since then and uptil now I didn’t get to play One premade.
Let’s say I wanna do it right now, we won’t have enough people for it. So I know I will need to wait anyway, which is the reason I prefer
playing on the side I feel more comfort with and got the character(s) I prefer playing compared on rep side, even tho I have that
55 VG and such.