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@NoeNoa wrote:

You know what, I used to play Darkfall – a full loot PvP game experience where we had massive sea battles, and had vigilance over our city so it was not captured by enemies. It was a blast. I have never done PvP in this game, well I dabbled a little way back – but think sure what the hell. Maybe I am not too long in the tooth, I’ll have to start practicing to get myself trained and geared. I love my Guardian, and I love my healer (SAGE) so happy to bring either along.

I think to get trained and geared it will take some commitment to start with, so happy to make it a regular thing for a while.

In that case, since you are the only one who was interested enough to answer from my topic made yesterday I take it that we will be doing casual pvp for the time being.
When more people have played, geared up and learned more about Swtor pvp, including myself we can go from there if we feel up for it in the future. I’m happy with this
as well as I can then play my VG as dps (Assault) which I really like doing and stay on Republic side.

That spec has massive single target burst and imo that is what counts more then who made the biggest number in the end of a game as it’s more vital being able to bring
down core classes like healers fast. Many times have I seen in all kinds of mmo pvp that folks brag about their big numbers and still lost the match at the end of it.

I thank you for your response NoeNoa and have a good day.