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Hey cosmoz,

Great to see ya post.

Sorry for delay replying myself, my mrs is pregnant so my time online bit all over place at min.

As you know from me im 100% committed to all forms off pvp.

Majority of players on server, in guild etc there are not many that are committed like we are.

At the min I only have a gunslinger on rep side at 55. BUT im aiming to repeat my empire chars on rep side, I make a great pvp healer as operative, and was good with merc as a healer, then I had a sor that I jumped from dps to heal depending on my mood lol and ofc my sniper types, which I play mainly lethality but happy playing all specs.

I have a sage at around 25, and other day I started a commando now at lev 10.

what I want to see in the future is a good premade within guild for both ground and space pvp. space pvp aspect im constantly trying to encourage and we have a few good gsf pilots within guild.

If you or anyone wants to help me, happy for people to team up with my commando as I level up through mostly pvp with bits of pve to speed my levelling up.