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Howdy Quicky!

I appreciate you taking the time to reply and irl issues are always, and will always be more important then some game in any form. I wish you two the
very best of luck with your upcoming child. On to the Swtor matter. It’s good to see there are some of you who are aiming for some premade pvp fun.

As stated before, it doesn’t have to be dead serious, but do pvp together, talk and be socal together on our voice program for some pvp gameplay is
any day alot more fun then do all these solo pugs. Sure there are some more “solo friendly” pvp classes in all these mmo, but playing an mmo solo, to me
it gets very boring quickly. If I want some amazing solo/single player fun I would simply reinstall my Mass Effect series 😆

I must admit that I am torn apart what class I do want to play. As you all know I joined with my VG and I do like it alot in pve and I know that they can
be a beast in pvp but so can any class played well. As I usually say, “it’s not the class it’s the player behind the keyboard etc”. You can be very good
with anything. They all kinda do the same thing in these games, you hit a button and do “3k dmg” or hit a button and do “3k heal”.

If you would want to play on Emp side I can play there as well. Side doens’t really matters as they are kinda mirror classes anyway, just different looking
gear and simular abilities. Again, I do have a 50 jugger and thats good if tanking would be our big need but if I can play as dps I prefer to play something
that has good single target dps burst to quickly bring down specific targets. Regardless of side or class I’m willing to help you out with leveling, gear etc.
I play where the pvp action will be.

So my question to you is, and take your time if you need it, what side and class do you want to play? As for me if it’s gonna be Rep it will be dps I think,
either my VG (assault-huge single target burst spec) or maybe my jedi shadow who is lvl 50 atm for the same burst reason and able to CC more and
steal/guard nodes. On emp side it’s gonna be tank with jugger or maybe, just maybe a burst dps there but I know jugger are the king of pvp tanks since
many changes to the pvp.