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I agree on this and that we need more then one option at hand or if someone can’t play we could either replace that spot oursevles from switching spec or from someone else.
The basic arena teams are build just as you said. 1 tank, 1 healer and 2 dps. That looks to be the standard. About the dps setup as you said is also a good call 1 melee, 1 ranged.

However, it can work both ways. The good part of having 1 melee atleast is that our tank doensn’t have to stand “alone” vs 2-3 (except their healer) and need to be focused
healed and at the same time see our 1-2 dps in need of heals as well and easier aoe heals, but the downside is many classes use and spam these “aoe specs” that does huge dmg.
I often see ppl in all kinds of pvp zerging and blobbing/boxing up and is more or less asking for all those aoe attacks, which will be very hard for any healer imo.

I do support the 1 ranged, 1 melee combo. Next 2 ranged maybe so they can’t simply run in to our face and aoe us down, like if we had 2 melee dps, which don’t sit right with me.
But as always, what I’ve learned from 6-7 years of mmo games when it comes to pvp anyway, that support/cc (stuns, snare roots etc) and heals with good tanks wins the game.
Seen quite many youtube video where folks say “hahah look how I owned this pvp match with X class and Y spec” becuase nobody bothered to stop/dmg/cc them and can stand
still unbattled and do their work. Healers/casters is usually the nr1 target but should never let a strong burst dps class stand free without being cc or atleast touched.