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Get the feeling that you Quick and Metralhas want to play on Rep side, from all that commando, healing/dps talk. Was kinda hoping to play on Emp side as I mostly played on Rep.
See the other side/things as well but as I’ve said before, I will play the side where the ppl want to do pvp on, got the motivation for it and got a char or willing to lvl up one for it.

If I’m going for tank I will make myself a JK-Guardian, for our 4 man arena team anyway. I’m not saying VG tanks isn’t good or viable, know him well with all his tricks, stuns, hook.
But when you combine every aspect that is so crucial for a tank, utility, mobility and so on, the Guardian wins by a mile if it comes to making a strong and more reliable setup. With
the guild perk 10% xp along with those 10% boosts I will lvl 1 – 50 in 4 days, ish…if I put my head into it, and as we all know, lvl up as tank is almost always instant FP pops ^^

What say you?