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A band of intrepid explorers returned to Dread Palace tonight.

Bob and Noe up front,
Speed, Triol, Makk and Badass providing the engine room.
Artu and Ela keeping everyone else upright.

We’d inherited the first two bosses down from the slightly abortive attempt on Tuesday night, although all credit to the Tuesday group for getting Tyrans down despite the fact that he’s still bugged and pushing out the Nightmare Mode mechanic for Simplification in all other modes.

It didn’t start well. We wiped on the initial set of trash because someone did a Leeroy when half the group wasn’t there. We then marked up the next set of trash wrong, Ela cc’d the resulting wrong one and we then had a bit of a job on to survive another set of trash. The third set of trash we got the right CC but then someone broke it! It was looking ominous for a long night with little to show for it.

But when it came down to the business end of the night, the group managed to find their focus. We had a weird bug on Calphayus that brought three people into the final ‘Past’ segment even though only one was standing in the blue circle. But next go around, Ela went alone and the other 7 went to the ‘Future’ to deal with the boss. Job done.

For the weekly, Raptus went down second time although it wasn’t without incident. Massive h/t to Artu and Ela (yours truly) for managing to do the healing challenge. On the first time, they did it once of two. Second time, both attempts. We’re definitely getting there, ladies and gents. We had one or two stressful moments keeping Bob upright but all went well in the end.

We called it there. It had been a stressful night by that point and was late in the evening.