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I need to Open a GH1 Rift or Great Rift of any kind for my current Torvan Quest as Rogue Dravinia, I have Lure.

Then Ofc there is the daily 3x Hunt Rifts normal ones quest, so that is needed also for most lvl 60’s I believe.

With Aqua I haven’t started on any rifts yet since I need to do the first Torvan quests what I been pushing forward since I feel she’s not strong enough to do alone, so probably I will start with her once I get better gear and Lessers when she turn lvl 60, is lvl 59 atm.

What I can see is if we got people online abit earlier than 8 GMT I could start with this.
But till now I have seen ppl do not trust, or are not willing to do stuff with me, and they are always waiting for you Mal.
Sometimes gives me the feeling I’m an outcast, sorry I’m just being honest.