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@Rhothakx wrote:

What time do these events usually take place? I am still too low level for them but I am expecting to hit 50 next week so I can join you… are you organizing lvl 50 events as well (I’d assume so since you mentioned 48+ rifts)?

Tuesday might be too early, though you never know… maybe I can sink a few hours tomorrow and reach 48.

No rush we repeat this each week as it’s for Rep to get Epic Cape.

While we are growing we just see who is on run some normal dungeons for levellers. If numbers are good we dive into old content Slivers which were level 50 so we group up and mentor down, that way you guys get the chance to come.

We have 16/17 man’d Greenscale [first 20 man Raid] and would be great to go back for more Achievements.

Our plan going forward and is a separate thread is to start 10 man SL Slivers. This is a couple of weeks away I think 🙂