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@Xannziee wrote:

I dunno what lures to buy??

I assume you are brining the Cleric Xan and in that case she has probably not done any of the normals.

However, if you look in your Achievements – Planes>Hunt Rifts you should see this;


They are the Lures you need form the Torven traders in the room with the World Trader. We can pick some up for you as well. This is the most amount of Hunts in any one achievement 18 – so it does take some time doing them but over the weeks we shall, just always check to see which Lures you need next.

Then its Great Hunts Ranks I to V starting with this;


You wont be able to buy any of these until the above one is complete, but ALWAYS look out for normals on your travels through SL as you level. You do not have to be in a group to do them but can join publics and they are quite straight forward with the similair mechanics which is keep the core active in the middle and always kills the Mobs doing the big 28Sec cast otherwise its a fail 🙂