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Really enjoy this overview – goes to show how broad we cover.

The southern Europe members are a bit new for me – for some reasons the guilds I have usually been in (in SW:TOR and WoW) have been dominated by Brits, Scandinavians and Dutch for some reason! I like this very much 🙂

Yeah, that’s my experience as well.

Two reasons I believe:
– A lot of MMORPGs are translated in at least German and French as these are big markets, occasionally also in Spanish and/or Italian, so people who speak those languages will for the most part not hang out on English speaking servers (I’m a bit of an exception).
– People in southern countries typically speak English very poorly, especially compared to Scandinavian countries and the Netherlands.

Basically, they either play on their own servers, don’t play at all because of the language barrier, or form language-based communities within games that don’t mix much with the English speaking population.

Also applicable for Russian/Czech/Polish in my experience.

The Mediterranean countries also probably have proportionally fewer gamers, they’re not stuck indoor as much 🙂

In the end it’s pretty simply guys 💡
South-europeans are lying on their beaches, middle-east guys more then 30y old/what including me/ are often speaking better russian than english and main reason, why most of the players is from UK, GER and Scandinavia i see, is simply just a cold weather 💡 💡 💡
This is my scientific view on this issue. /after the comprehensive 5min. nerve-wracking study/
P.S:If i did some huge grammatical errors in the text above, it’s just an empirical proof that my theory’s right

lol nice one Rock. That was funny and very informative