Hi all,

So Mákk and I have spent a little while seeing how the guild were doing, after the changes in leadership. After a bit of observation, we have decided to change some few things – and I think it might be worthwhile, just to quickly let you know how things look now and what our plans are. Comments and suggestions are VERY welcome.

Now first off, I have renamed the ranks a bit. Officer and Lieutenant doesn’t really explain what the holder of the ranks do or are supposed to do. Therefore both ranks have been taken out of commission and instead I have introduced two new ranks. “Mentors” and “Recruiters”. The names should to some extend be self-explanatory, but just in case we have some dimwitted people out there (looking towards Sweden and Norway!!):

Mentors are there to guide the guild and the guildmembers. They will be there if you have any questions, if you need help with a quest, if you need something crafted. They will organize operation runs, know the strategies required, keep an eye on how everyone is doing, and come with friendly suggestions to how you can improve. Their main responsibility is to ensure that we have a high level of activity, and that everyone know they have someone they can go to with any request.

Recruiters are responsible for getting new people into the guild, and to make sure that new people that have joined feel welcome. They are always on the lookout for potential guildies, be the level 1 on Tython or level 55 in full 78’s. They have the right to invite directly to the guild, so they can also help with your innumourous alts.

Now regarding activites – EVERYONE is welcome to organize ANYTHING at ANYTIME. While me or the mentors will make sure that something is regularly happening, if you really want to go around and kill every single world boss, or if you really really want to see that Explosive Conflict Operation you haven’t been to, feel free to organize it with a post here on the forums and using the calendars. YOU DO NOT NEED TO ASK FOR PERMISSION! We want to keep the guild alive and fun, and basically don’t want to put in any restrictions on your creativity.

Now for clarity currently we have the following people in the different ranks:

Guild Leader: Artucrus (alts: Offengodt, Bob’Oh, Juli’ana, Blooming (DS) & Ulvemann (DS))
Mentors: Mákk (alts: Dackard, Darilus, Davadd, Karrina)
Recruiters: NoeNoa, & Kallyra

I look forward to playing with you all