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@Malbec wrote:

I liked what I played in Beta but sadly lack time to play this without it effecting my Rift time.

These Twitter folk are they making a Guild from scratch or have been part of one from the past. Why not propose that they join us and start a WS journey under ED, after all we are a gaming community looking to grow and evolve.

No worries if not I fully understand it’s more fun with a /g chat.

Don’t forget poor old Jacqques in Rift though 🙂

A lot of them have played together in the past, otherwise just chatted away on Twitter. It’s quite weird to think sometimes that most of the people I know on Twitter I have known for years!

As for joining us, I can suggest it but they’ve already decided on a guild name so highly doubt they’d go for it at this point.

Of course not! I may have to cut down on my Rift time coming up. Finding myself getting a bit bored of the game itself.. but won’t be quitting just cutting down! 🙂