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@Xannziee wrote:

Have fun! I wont even try to keep up with you lol! If i would decide to join, I bet u have moved on to another game already :O)

@Xannziee wrote:

Spankss u Tera! U r teasing the girls!! Like “eat your hearts out” 😎 im sure they’ll reroll 😉

@Teragog wrote:

Lol aye, I’ve bought the game, you wont like me for it though. Playing for the other side on a different server..:) (No not White Wolves)

I can’t help but feel your trying to give us the stab xannie, 2 comments after another saying we would move on. I’m sorry but if you got something to say, then do it instead, i feel somewhat annoyed with these small pokes you are throwing out.

It is my money, my time and I will move games as much as I like 🙂 I have not been moving games around more then to Wildstar, all the other games I have had installed and I have visited to say hello to the people in the other games, because I could, because I already owned the games. And I am not forcing anyone to come with or anything, people have free will to do as they wish. Me and Jaedia having were having fun with Tera, and as you can see he has chosen to go his own ways.

@Tera, well you know where we are if you want to try the “good” side 😀 Hope you are enjoying it o/